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Maths Home tutors for IB- International Baccalaureate and IGCSE

Jun 262015

IB Maths Tutors Delhi (estt. 1992) has an elite IB network of highly trained academic specialist IB HOME Tutors in DELHI who home coach at your ward's residence. IB Elite Academy has been providing IB HOME Maths Tutors to students from G.D. Goenka World School, Sri Ram School, American Embassy School, Lancers International School, The British School, Pathways World School, The Banyan Tree, IB World School and other international schools in India.

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Maths Home tutors for IB- International Baccalaureate and IGCSE

The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a series of programs providing an internationally recognised qualification for students around the world.

Maths Tutor Delhi uses Haese and Harris "Mathematics for the International Student" series of textbooks.

These books contain a variety of exercises, ranging from basic to advanced, to cater for a range of student abilities and interests. Material is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format, free from unnecessary distractions, while every effort has been made to contextualise questions so that students can relate concepts to everyday use.

Important information and key notes are highlighted, while worked examples provide step-by-step instructions with concise and relevant explanations. Discussions, Activities, Investigations, Puzzles, and Research exercises are used throughout the chapters to develop understanding, problem solving, and reasoning, within an interactive environment.

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